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Northern New York Historical Newspapers

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I was researching my husband's family last night, but hitting some brick walls. So, I decided to try searching through some online newspapers. I searched Google for "St. Lawrence county genealogy" and ran into some great genealogy and historical society sites that eventually led me to Northern New York Historical Newspapers, a site run by Norther New York Library Network (NNYLN). They had scanned in a lot of local newspapers and I found a wealth of information about my husband's family. We had a blast reading about what his family was up to during World War II through the 1960's. I also found an obituary for my husband's great grandfather and it included the names of his parents, which was one of my brickwalls I had encountered. SCORE! So, if you have ancestors in upstate NY, try searching that site and see if it gets you anywhere. Post back here any success stories you have!

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