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    English Origins of New England Families

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    Following is a listing, by volume and article, of the principal families covered in this exemplary publication:

    Volume I: Chickering; Holmes; Hett and Aldus; Hollard, Elsey, Archer, and Warren; Gibson, Sale, Gifford, and Bradstreet; Iggleden; French, Hinckley, and Paine; Hinckley, Sealis, and Tilden; Bates, Bigge, Hyland, and Stedman; Rayner, Parmenter, Sanders, Waterbury, Ray, Mixer, and Poulter; Rolfe, Whittier, and Pike; Beale, Northend, Veasie, Meede-Lewis, and House; Besbeech, Edenden, and Huckstep; Austen, Bassock, Johnson, and Porredge; Hathorne, Holman, Howse, Pomeroy, and Sewell; Ivory and Littlefield; Pomeroy, Babbage, Triggs, Branch, Cade, Holland alias Silke, Norman, Rogers, and Whitcomb; Cushman, Hinckley, Soole-Iddenden-Hosmer-Mercer, and Quilter; Parmenter; Rowning; Maverick; Eyre/Aires, Payne, Page, Clarke, and Sale; Leager, Greene, Ewer, and Greenleaf; Pomeroy and Chatfield; Hatch; Stowe, Edenden, and Sealis; Josselyn; Patch and Gifford-Master; Makernes; Freestone, Raithbeck, and Thew; Patteshall; Bowditch; Coggeshall; Clarke; Gifford-Sargent; Fowle and Borden; Clarke-Cook (alias Carewe)-Kerrich; Jenkin; Hale-Dowsett; Weeden; Perkins; Tucker-Darrell; Gridley; Butler and De Grey; and miscellaneous families.

    Volume II: Haskett, Sheffield, Bordman, Derby, Dunster, Metcalf, Moody, Symonds-Femell, Mohun (or Moone)-Hyde, Leachland, Jones, Garde, Gorton, Goodspeed, Morse, Jasper, Borden, Stibbs, Lothrop, Tallman, Sealy, Abbot, Chandler, Belknap, Cowes, Scruggs, Stevens, Burt-March, Martin, Fiske, Pynchon, Daniel-Morse, Collins, Peck, Gurdon, Earl, Putenham, Giffard, Chamber and Hathorne, Hastings, Strickland, Bayford, Roger Williams, Woodman, and Blennerhasset.

    Volume III: Coggeshall, Moseley, Page, Throckmorton and Hastings, Puttenham, Palgrave, Mohun, Brandon, Wingfield, Ray-Gilbert-Bigg-Rowning, Wetherill-Watson, De Douvres or De Chilham, Aspinwall, Giffard, Hammond, Weeden, Carleton-Wilson, Nevill, Baliol, Abbott-Elliot, Hathorne, Le Mahieu, Gallop-Maverick, Gervase D'Eyncourt, Eliot and De Baliol, Bass and Savil, Weedon, Putnam, Holyman, Felbrigge or Philbrick, Tyrrell, Vassall, Woodhouse, Cornwallis, Fuller, Master, Newton-Carleton, Wilbore, Bernard, Baldwin, Strickland, Thorpe, Lord, Gye-Maverick, Mortimer, Harcourt, Portyngton, King Henry I [fitzHenry], Mortimer, Strangway, Shepherd, Putnam, Crosby, Watson, Sotheron and Millington, Mowbray, and miscellaneous families.

    Edited by Nel

    Author: New England Historical and Genealogical Register
    Format: Paper
    ISBN-10: 0806310596
    ISBN-13: 978-0806310596
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