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    Organize Your Genealogy: Strategies and Solutions for Every Researcher

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    Stop struggling to manage all your genealogy facts, files, and data--make a plan of attack to maximize your progress. Organize Your Genealogy will show you how to use tried-and-true methods and the latest tech tools and genealogy software to organize your research plan, workspace, and family-history finds. In this book, you'll learn how to organize your time and resources, including how to set goals and objectives, determine workable research questions, sort paper and digital documents, keep track of physical and online correspondence, prepare for a research trip, and follow a skill-building plan. With this comprehensive guide, you'll make the most of your research time and energy and put yourself on a road to genealogy success.

    Organize Your Genealogy features:

    • Secrets to developing organized habits that will maximize your research time and progress
    • Hints for setting up the right physical and online workspaces
    • Proven, useful systems for organizing paper and electronic documents
    • Tips for managing genealogy projects and goals
    • The best tools for organizing every aspect of your ancestry research
    • Easy-to-use checklists and worksheets to apply the book's strategies

    Whether you're a newbie seeking best practices to get started or a seasoned researcher looking for new and better ways of getting organized, this guide will help you manage every facet of your ancestry research.

    Author: Drew Smith
    Format: Paper
    ISBN-10: 1440345031
    ISBN-13: 978-1440345036
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