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    The Genealogical Treasure Trove In Your Home


    A while back, my sister (whom I got addicted to genealogy) went back home to help my mother out for a few days after her surgery. While she was home, she decided to look through the boxes and boxes of family photos my mother had collected over the years. She thought maybe there would be some photos and information to use in her family tree. Well, it was a genealogist's dream. Not only were there old pictures of our ancestors, but obituaries and military records as well. It was a treasure trove of family information, irreplaceable and priceless.

    She brought home a lot of photos and documents to scan and put on our respective family trees at Ancestry.com. I'm anxious to see the documents she brought home, especially the Presidential Unit Citation my grandfather was awarded for his actions during World War II and the photo of my great grandpa "Shorty", whom I've been trying to find information on and whom I've heard stories about from my father. (He used to put 11 teaspoons of sugar in his coffee and then didn't stir it! LOL.)

    While there's plenty of information available online, nothing can beat the highly personal (and generally more accurate) family collection of photos and information about your family and ancestors. The best place to start your genealogy search is in your family home.  

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